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Get paid by bank transfer

Axolute Ltd. offers its clients the possibility to get paid by their clients through its bank accounts.

We'll handle the transfer for you, and after we have received the funds from your client, we'll forward money to you wherever you want (as set up during compliance procedure).

This service is the best for you if:

- you do not want to disclose your corporate's bank data to third party;
- you do not have a bank account in the name of your corporate (because it's too expensive, because you can't have it, because it's not yet ready/set up, etc.);
- your company owns a bank account in a country where the client doesn't want or can't send money to;
- you desire, for the most varied reasons, to collect your funds directly on your private bank account or on a third party bank account, without disclosing this to client;
- your client is suspicious and he doesn't trust you; he wants to stay protected, and protect his transaction too, taking advantage of a reliable intermediary.

Our service is for Businesses which require a high quality service, customized, for particular business situations.

How do you perform it? It's easy:

1) your client confirms you his order;
2) you issue your invoice to him, inviting him to settle your bill through our service/website (we'll send you the direct link to your page on our website where your clients can pay your bills). Contextually, you send the invoice to us in order to update your outstanding references;
3) your client goes onto our website and, following the procedure, validates his invoice and receives bank coordinates to make the payment. We collect this payment and issue the relative receipt to your client;
4) once we have your money in hand (arrival of funds on our account) we forward this money to you (deducted our fees) by the payment way set up during compliance procedure;
5) you finalize your business relationship.

That's all!

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