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Our services for individuals

Axolute Ltd. does not offer directly its services to individuals (except for those related to one of our corporate clients).

If you land here it's probably because you are searching a way to pay someone in a discreet way.


If you would like to pay a corporate entity (that is not already one of our clients) you have to ask them to accept our payment gateway.

It means that they have to subscribe to our service through our compliance procedure... than you will be able to pay them through us.
There are no monthly or annual fees nor any setup fees for subscribing to our services. TELL IT TO THEM! They only have to pay us a commission on the amount transferred... commission that they can charge you in their invoice.

After this business affair, if they no longer want to take advantage of our services, there are no penalties, fees or anything else... so there is no reason why they should not subscribe our services just only for a single payment...


If you are looking for a way to pay or get paid from someone (another individual) not disclosing your bank data to him, maybe you can take advantage of our service...

In the event you need this service, please contact us to know if it's possible and to get a customized quote, according to your specific situation.

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