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General Explanation

If you land here it's probably because you have to pay one of our corporate clients listed in "companies we serve" on top menu.
In this event you don't have to warn at all... we'll take care of your payment and we'll deliver your money to it on your behalf.

Simply follow the link in top menu "I have to pay..." and select the company who has requested you to get paid. The online procedure will drive you through checkout process and in a few steps you'll pay it.
Don't worry! Your payment will be processed by us in a 100% secure way. We will collect your funds on behalf of the corporate you are going to pay and we'll delivery them to it.
You will receive from us a receipt of you payment as soon as we will receive money. This receipt will states your done payment! With it, you'll be avoided to any other payment claim from the entity you are going to pay.

This service is totally FREE for you. Our company will never ask you money to collect your payment to one of our corporate clients! If you have received a money request from us, concerning a fee for payment processing to one of our clients, it is a FRAUD! Please report it to us immediately!

Instead, if you are an Individual, and you would like to transfer funds to another individual (or to a corporate that is not one of our clients), please follow this link to know how to do.

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