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Pay out by bank transfer

Axolute Ltd. offers its clients the possibility to pay out (refunds to clients, pay suppliers, pay business partners, etc.) through its bank account.

This service is the best for you if:

- you do not own a corporate bank account and/or you can't obtain it;
- you own a corporate bank account but you can't use it at the moment;
- you can't pay directly a specific person by your corporate bank account because the recipient bank does not accept transfers from your bank/country;
- you could pay directly by your bank account but you don't want the expense to be shown on your statement;
- you do not have a bank account in the name of your corporate (because it's too expensive, because you can't have it, because it's not yet ready/set up, etc.) but you have to pay on its behalf;
- you own a corporate bank account but your bank fees to perform the payment are to much expensive;
- you own a bank account but you desire, for the most varied reasons, to keep it hidden to your client, supplier or partner;
- you want to stay protected and to protect your transaction too taking advantage of a reliable payment intermediary.

How to do ? It's easy:

1) arrange all your business conditions with the other side (corporate or individual);
2) when it's all clear, send us the relevant document (e.g the invoice you have to pay, the credit notice to be refunded, etc.);
3) send us money (our fees included) by Bank wire from any bank account (your personal account, your corporate account, a third party bank account);
4) wait for the time we collect your payment and we arrange the new one to your client, supplier or partner;
5) take your receipt of the executed payment transaction;
6) you finalize your business relationship.

That's all!

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