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Pay out through us

Thank you for choosing our services!

Please remember that:
- you must send money to us in EURO or USD currency. Instruct your Bank to do so if your account uses a different currency.
- you must send money to us free of any Intermediary Bank fees (if any). You can quickly do it setting up an OUR instruction for the wire transfer. If not settled so, any Bank commission charged to us will be debited to your prepaid account;
- our outward payment to your final recipient will be done in EUR or USD currency ONLY (the one stated inside invoice/receipt you have to pay or based on your preference). You can quickly convert the amount from other currencies into EURO or USD consulting BoE official exchange rate of the day, or asking to your recipient how many EURs/USDs he wants to receive (if he uses a different currency);
- our outward payments (SEPA instruction for EUR payments; SWIFT instruction for USD payments), are always performed in SHA instruction. Intermediary Bank fees are debited to the recipient (if any).

Down here you'll be routed throughout the payment process.

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