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Privacy Policy

This site doesn't use cookies, so no policy applies about them.

About other caught/stored user's data during website surfing:

- During regular surfing of this website the sole information collected by scripts or addons is the user's country of provenance (for statistic purposes only).
The information is collected in anonymous way only and no other user's information are collected with it (such as IP address, OS, web browser, etc);

- About website security we inform the user that our servers automatically collect the IP address, date and screen time of any machine which connects  to our web space.
No any other users’ data is collected with the IP address.
The collected IP addresses are not used for any purpose (review, advertising,  resell, etc.) and they are stored automatically in order to protect us and our users against hacking and any other criminal offense may be perpetrated throughout our web space.
The collected IP addresses are automatically deleted from our system elapsed a specific time, without keeping any copy of them.

- The collected IP addresses are not shared with any third party entities, in any way, neither they are subjected to sell and/or used for advertising purposes.

- The stored addresses may be shared only in the event of any kind of criminal offense perpetrated on and/or by our website; However, the unique receiver of these data is the Police Authority responsible for computer crimes.

- Using additional features of this website (such as contact forms) we'll inform users that is automatically collected the IP address of the user. Additionally to this, all data freely submitted by the user inside form fields are obviously collected. They could be, but not only, name, surname, company name, VAT number, personal tax code, company tax code, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, sensitive information about money amounts, invoicing details, bank accounts, customers data, orders data, etc.

All these data are sent by the user on his own accord. We ensure the user that these data will be retained in the strictest confidence and every precaution will be taken in order to protect those data from illicit uses.
Data will be retained only for the time necessary to accomplish user's required task and/or for the total stay of a client with us; after this times they will be erased without storing any copy of them.

It's excluded in an absolute manner their spread to third parties, at any case.

Please be aware that any information sent to/transmitted by our website, online forms, emails, etc. (except the one sent by compliance form) is not subjected to any kind of encryption.
We decline any responsibility in event of any leakage of information.

All client's data are stored locally (outside internet) and they are password protected.

About clients we inform that also IP addresses collected by online forms are stored in order to help verify client's identity in the event of orders/commands.

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