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Our business

Axolute Ltd. is a payment intermediary and processes payments on behalf of its clients.

We are your best solution if:

- you haven't, don't want or can't have (due to your company structure) a business Bank account;
- you want to pay someone in a discreet way;
- you want to protect your money movements from prying eyes;
- you don't want to disclose your Bank data to unidentified entities (individual and/or corporates);
- you don't want to disclose your private/sensible Corporate data (especially shareholding and real beneficial owner) to any Bank.

Our services are available for corporates only (by our side); it's obvious that, through us, our corporate clients can receive funds from corporates and individuals... and they also can send funds to both corporates and individuals.

If you are an individual (not registered with us by your company) and you would like to take advantage of our service to pay someone that is not one of our clients, please consult this section; we'll explain you how to do.

We work close with our Partners (our Bank) to always ensure the best and quick service possible, always 100% safe, and to allow you (and/or your company) and other side entity (both individuals or companies) to stay protected during transfer process through us.

We'll take care of the funds transfer on your behalf (or on behalf of your company), giving you and your other side correspondent (client, supplier, partner, etc.) fully up to date information about the status of the transfer.

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